Temples In South India- Fascinating Structures Showcasing The Architectural Brilliance


The temples in South India screen a different architectural style unique to the region. Each structure demonstrates the creative genius achieved during the principle of those dynasties.

The majority of the temples have been build accordingto this Dravida style of structure. The Prakara or chemical wall surrounds the temple complexes. Built on a square foundation, the temples of South India have towering pyramid shaped structure on top. This element, called as Vimana, is broken up into successive degrees. A horizontal casting separates the two degrees of their Gopuram.

The complicated at Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram houses the lovely Shore Temples or two Pagodas. Famous because of his or her architectural superiority, the monumental structures and the exquisite rock carvings are located on the shore of the Bay of Bengal.

Built through the Chola period, the temple is famed because of its large cupola weighing almost 81 tonnes.

Constructed throughout the period of 1 2 th to 18 th century, the Meenakshi Temple of both Tamil Nadu contains two chief shrines, many Mandapas and Gopurams. The splendid architecture of this amazing temple leaves it a important tourist attraction in the spot thirukadaiyur temple.

Tirupati Temple of Andhra Pradesh is famous since the most richest temple on the planet. Even the cupola of the primary shrine is gold plated and the interiors of this temple

show the wealth of this temple.

Even the Badami Cave Temple in Karnataka is famous because of its sandstone caves cut away from the hills. The numerous palaces home temples devoted to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu as well as Jain caves. The organic environment improve the aesthetic appeal of the cave temples at Badami assembled throughout the principle of their Chalukyas.

Comprising the famous Hoyasaleswara Temple, the complex at Halabid and also Belur in Karnataka showcase the architectural accomplishment of the musicians of this Hoysala Empire of all South India. Different temples of South India contain the following:

· Guruvayoor Temple

· Kanchipuram Temple

· Sabarimala Temple

· Murugan Temple

· Rameshwaram

· Somnathpur Temple

· Thousand Pillar Temple

· Kanyakumari

Displaying the exceptional architectural type of the particular region, the temples of the South India are not merely important as spiritual shrines, but they additionally exhibit the summit of South Indian art and structure along with their own culture.

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